Automotive sales totals for 2009 are trickling in and one aspect of sales remains obvious, hybrids are a hit.  Some sources may site an overall decrease in volume for hybrid sales and suggest that buyers are not interested in hybrid vehicles, however this one sided point of view is wrong.

A closer inspection of the sales numbers show that hybrids are gaining ground.  Consumers bought 290,415 hybrids in 2009.  This number represents an 8.1% decrease from totals in 2008.  However, the entire car market saw a decrease of 21% in 09.  Less buyers turned up to buy new cars, but a higher percentage of buyers choose hybrids.  Hybrids as a segment, accounted for 2.8% of all new cars in 09 compared to 2.4% in 08.

The numbers above represent a small improvement for hybrids, but worth noting is the fact that gasoline prices were down for 09 yet buyers still choose to buy hybrids at a rate higher than in 08 when gas prices occasionally exceeded $4 per gallon.

Hybrid sales also skyrocketed in December.  Sales of hybrids jumped nearly 43% for the month of December in comparison to November with sales reaching 25,598 units.

It remains clear that buyers are interested in hybrid models and sales numbers show this interest.  With an increasing market share on an annual basis, it appears as though hybrids will eventually reach a the mainstream buying public.  Consumer demand is growing and automakers continue to release more, new hybrid models.

Source:  Detroit Free Press Print Edition Jan. 7th