An auditing and advisory firm called KMPG conducted research via survey and found that auto industry leaders believe that conventional hybrid vehicles will be the most important alternative fuel technology for at least the next five years.

KMPG conducted their 11th annual survey regarding alternative propulsion for vehicles.  The survey included over 200 industry leaders in the automotive field.  They conducted the survey from September to November of 2009 and their findings are as follows.

85% of those surveyed believe that hybrid vehicles will be the most important alternative energy propulsion system for vehicles for the next 5 years.

68% of the auto industry leaders surveyed believe that electric vehicles, or BEVs will prevail at some time in the near future.

63% believe that fuel cell vehicles will prevail sometime in the near future.

Those surveyed included industry leaders from North America, Asia, and Europe covering most major makes.

What the findings really suggest is that most automotive industry leaders believe that alternative energy propulsion systems will prevail.  Whether it will be hybrids, BEVs, of fuel cell vehicles remains to be seen, but virtually all of those surveyed believe at least one alternative energy system will prevail in the near future.

Source:  Detroit Free Press Print Edition Jan. 7