Awhile back we presented a story about the new Toyota concept hybrid vehicle that will be displayed at the North American International Auto Show.  All we had at that time was two teaser shots from the company and no additional information about the actual vehicle.  Now there is more info.

According to the Detroit News, the Toyota Hybrid Concept will debut on January 11th at the NAIAS.  It is reported to be a subcompact hybrid vehicle and will enter production.  As the Detroit News states, the vehicle will enter production beginning in Japan in 2011 and will head to the states by 2012.

As a company, Toyota expects to sell some 150,000 hybrids of the subcompact variety per year.  This new concept may help them obtain their goals.

Their is still no word as to whether or not this vehicle will carry the Prius model name, though the company has stated previously that the name will expand to more models.  Additionally, the report does no specify information about the specific type of battery to be used in this subcompact hybrid.  It may be a candidate for lithium-ion or possibly nickel metal hydride, it's anyone's guess at this point.

We will update this story again as information becomes available.

Source:  Detroit News  Print Edition