As we reported yesterday, Volkswagen may be considering adding a hybrid variant to their upcoming "New Midsize Sedan".  Apparently this is not the only electric adventure that VW is considering for future models.  According to a report from Autocar, the company is also considering a BEV and hybrid version of the seventh generation VW Golf. 

The next generation Golf is scheduled to come to market in a few years.  According to Autocar, the powertrain options for this next golf will likely expand beyond the gasoline and diesel choices currently available.  They suggest that the Golf is likely to gain a hybrid powertrain followed by a full electric powertrain within the next few years.

It's unclear which hybrid powertrain will make its way into the Golf.  VW has displayed two options at past auto shows.  One is their Golf TwinDrive PHEV prototype which uses a series-parallel  combined system that operates under electric power at low speeds and combined power at higher speeds.  The other system is a conventional parallel, mild hybrid setup that has been displayed in the VW Up! Lite Concept vehicle.  This setup places the electric motor between the engine and DSG transmission.  AutoBlogGreen reports that this system could make "for an affordable diesel hybrid combination."

The BEV version of the Golf would likely come to market after the hybrid variant does.  No other information is available regarding the BEV Golf at this time.  Look for additional info soon.

Source:  Autocar, AutoBlogGreen