Renault has made a lot of headlines lately beginning with the introduction of 4 EVs at the Frankfurt Motor Show just months ago.  The most outlandish vehicle displayed in concept form at the show was undoubtedly the Twizy ZE.  This small four wheel concept looks more the part of a motorcycle than a car, but Renault is confident that it can sell.According to a new report, the company will build a production version of its egg shaped Twizy ZE EV concept for release in 2011.  The vehicle will be built at its facility located in Valladolid, Spain.

Production of the Twizy will join several other compact cars and minivans that are already produced at the facility in Spain.

From reports about battery production, to battery swap capable vehicles, to EV production numbers in the hundreds of thousands, Renault has been making countless claims and promises to be a leader in the EV segment.

With the Zoe ZE EV, Twizy ZE EV, Kangoo ZE EV, and Fluence ZE EV scheduled to enter production within the next few years, the company is placing its bets on electric vehicles and  has displayed more potential production electric vehicles than any other major automaker.  Following the unveiling of the 4 concept EVs in Frankfurt, Renault has now committed to production of every vehicle it displayed.

Source:  Detroit News Print Edition