After recently unveiling its e-1 electric sports car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, German company e-Wolf has now released details of its upcoming second foray into high performance electric vehicles. The e-2 will, like its predecessor, incorporate an “ultra light carbon/aluminum construction chassis” and weigh in at around 900kgs.  Visually echoing the now rather old-school, faceted shape that car designers first lifted from the generation-1 stealth bomber in the nineties, the press-release says that it's form is inspired by "Italian supercars".

The specs given seem to be fairly theoretical (186 miles of range and 30 minute recharge time!?), but what is clear is that this vehicle is hoping to take a chunk of the Tesla Roadster market and can be expected to perform accordingly.

With a planned roll out in 2011, more "details" on the e-2 may be found at the e-Wolf website.

[SOURCE: Gizmag]