What type of EV infrastructure are we likely to see in widespread use in the coming decade?  Several options exists including fast charging stations, 230 volt curbside plug-in locations, battery swapping stations, inductive charging, and the list goes on and on.  So which one will likely dominate our roads?

The answer to the question depends on who you ask, but several industry experts predict that the majority of support for EVs will come in the form of fast charging stations.  These stations will allow EV owners to charge a vehicle from empty to 80% capacity in as little as 20 minutes.  Many EVs are capable of fast charging and could take advantage of this type of station.

Better Place, known mainly for the battery swapping stations, publicly stated that they have strong interest in their own battery swapping station, but will invest significantly more money into charging stations.  Charging stations will be their largest investment in the coming years.  According to Sidney Goodman, vice president of Better Place, "If you look at our investment in the infrastructure, the majority would actually go to quick charge spots.  There EV owners can top up their charge whenever and wherever their vehicles are parked."

Charging infrastructure is key to relieving range anxiety for EV owners and Better Place promises to alleviate the anxiety in the coming years.  According to Goodman, "I don't want you, as a driver, to start driving around and looking, hoping that you will be able to find that one place that has the charge spot.  Wherever you go, there will be a charge spot.

Goodman goes on to discuss the number of quick charge spots the company plans in the coming years.  He said, "We'll put them down.  A lot of them.  Hundreds of thousands."

If they keep to their word, range anxiety and the constant hunt for a charging location will be nonexistent.  But as we have reported previously regarding charging infrastructure for the Mini E in New Jersey, complications can and will arise along the way.  Let's hope they can succeed and meet their goals.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)