The Renault Nissan Alliance is at it again with yet another memorandum of understanding and partnership.  This time, the agreement is with Australia's Victoria state government.

The partnership aims to explore the possibilities of developing a zero emissions vehicle program.  The memorandum will assign a team of representatives to identify possible cooperative EV opportunities and to promote the use of EVs in Victoria.

Nissan believes that Australia will be a key market for EVs and does intend to bring its first EV the LEAF to Australia by 2012.  According to Nissan, the key to EV reality is bringing the additional technology needed to market across the globe.

Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Gavin Jennings said, "Our government is looking at the benefits of introducing and expanding EV technology."

As the list of partnerships continues to grow, Renault-Nissan has also recently announced that they are following up on all memorandums to assure the infrastructure will be ready for the LEAF.  To date, they have signed nearly 30 agreements with governments, cities, utility companies and additional organizations.

In order to make EVs a success, Renault-Nissan understands the importance of the infrastructure and have worked diligently to assure its ready to go.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)