Charging anxiety may at first drive buyers away from the adoption of EV technology, but within a short amount of time, anxiety is expected to subside and the buyers will come.

According to General Motors Tony Posawatz who is the vehicle line director for the Chevy Volt, "When consumers plug in their vehicles at home, they will worry about disruptions from power outages, tripped circuit breakers or somebody monkeying with the cord."

Initial response to charging an EV may result in such thoughts, but as with any new technology, once the learning curve is overcome, charge anxiety is expected to disappear.  As Kristen Helsel, director of EV solution at Aerovironment said, "Recharging will be like anything else: Am I doing it right?  Is it charging? Is it on?"

Though most companies and marketing groups worry more about range anxiety than they do charge anxiety, the potential for consumers to have difficulty adopting this new method of refilling a vehicle certainly does exist.

Wards Auto likens charging a vehicle to filling up at a gas station decades ago stating, "The filling station attendant, once an America icon, could make a comeback with the arrival of electric vehicles.  But it will likely be short-lived."

Several companies are working diligently on methods to reduce charge anxiety.  Some innovative products soon to hit the market could alleviate the problem before it even surfaces.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login Required)