A while back we brought you a story of a new technology that was designed to harvest power from the motion of vehicles on the roadways.  The system works by using energy created by vehicles travelling over a series of plates that move up and down creating energy.  Read more about the system here.

Now the company that produces the energy harvester called New Energy Technologies Inc. has successfully completed their first ever MotionPower prototype energy harvester for heavy trucks and semi-trucks.

When we reported on the previous MotionPower systems being installed at Burger King, Holiday Inn Express and the Four Season Hotel, that system was designed for passenger vehicles.  The new prototype is designed for heavy truck applications only.

The company see ideal locations for installation such as truck stops, weigh scales, ports of entry and shipping sites.  Basically, the system could harvest energy from trucks in any highly congested area where traffic movement is slow.

The system is designed to be installed where vehicles are slowing down.  This method does not rob the vehicle of power, rather it assists the vehicle in stopping while creating energy in the process.

New Energy Technologies CEO Meetesh Patel said, "I'm very excited to see the quick progress our engineering team has made with the successful completion of our first-generation MotionPower prototype designed to harvest the kinetic energy of long-haul trucks, buses and other load bearing heavy vehicles in order to generate clean electricity."

The MotionPower systems combine simple mechanical devices to generate electric from the energy of a moving vehicle.  They are designed to be installed in roadways near deceleration zones.  If successfully implemented, they could generate electricity for a multitude of uses.

 Click here to view a video of New Energy’s small scale first-generation prototype of its MotionPowerTM Heavy Vehicle Energy Harvesting System: http://www.newenergytechnologiesinc.com/motionpowerheavyvehicleprototype.html

Source:  Business Wire