With the Frankfurt Auto Show just over a month away, tips, rumors, and other ramblings are coming in about expectations for this years show.  The focus of many talks surrounding auto shows recently centers on advanced technology vehicles.  Electric, hybrid, fuel cells and other types of vehicles are making all the news today.

According to numerous sources, Audi is expected to premier a new fully electric vehicle at the show.  There is no word confirming what type of vehicle will be displayed, but rumors suggest that it could be an EV based on Volkswagen small family platform that first premiered with the 2007 Up! concept vehicle.

The vehicle utilizes a mini-car platform, and likewise has miniature proportions.  Another possibility could be a supercar based electric utilizing the Audi R8 platform.  Just over a year ago, Audi denied any chances of an R8 EV, but rival Mercedes announced an SLS Gull Wing EV in the future and Audi may wish to build a rival vehicle.

The company has not denied or confirmed any rumors at this point.  They stated it's simply too far in advance to discuss vehicles premiered in Frankfurt.

We will keep you updated when Audi gives official word of what to expect at this years show.

Source:  Automobile Magazine