French Supplier Valeo is working on the adaptation of regenerative braking on existing stop start hybrid vehicles.

They have partnered with Peugot-Citroen to add regenerative braking to so-called micro-hybrid vehicles thus creating a budget friendly mild-hybrid.  Citroen introduced their first start stop models back in 2004.

A start stop hybrid is not really a hybrid vehicle as it doesn't have to employ the use of an additional battery for motivation purposes.  But the Valeo system intends to change that.  The regenerative braking setup would support an electrical system with 10 to 15 kW of recaptured energy. 

The captured energy could be put to use for many purposes including heating and cooling systems, drive motors, or other auxiliary uses.  Valeo intends to introduce this new system soon, but by 2011 they will introduce a similar setup that uses ultra capacitors for energy storage rather than traditional batteries.  Unnamed European automakers will be the first to receive the new ultra capacitor setup.

Valeo hopes to enter into the hybrid and EV market with several projects including their reduced energy consumption heating system.  The company has received funding from the French government in an effort to springboard France ahead of competing countries.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login Required)