Renault-Nissan have signed on with yet another memorandum of understanding in a seemingly endless list of such agreements.  This time, they have chosen to sign with Italy's A2A energy company.  The agreement was signed just days ago, but the plan won't go into effect until next year.

 The goal of the agreement is to promote EVs in the Lombardo region of Italy.  Even during the tough economic times, Renault-Nissan is still pushing forward in their pursuit of EV dominance.  By signing countless agreements with governments, municipalities, and utility companies, Renault-Nissan can assure that there will be an infrastructure in place for their EVs planned for the near future.

The agreement with A2A states that the company will install charging stations in Milan and Brescia.  Renault-Nissan will join in by testing the success of these systems.  The charging stations will use an electronic payment system that will also be thoroughly tested by the companies involved.

To date, Renault-Nissan has signed almost 30 similar agreements across the globe.  Nissan plans to launch their first mainstream, family sized, afford-ably priced EV in 2010 and will follow that with a full range of EVs by 2012.  Providing the necessary infrastructure to support the vehicles that will be released by the company over the coming years is definitely a sensible first step in the process and a step towards EV success.

Source:  Edmunds