According to the newsletter AutoBeat Asia, China will also be home to a production facility for the Chevy Volt's to be sold in the Chinese market.  The newsletter goes on to state that all Volts built in China will be sold within the country with no plans for exports of Chinese made Volts.

Beginning in 2010, Volt's will run off the assembly line in Hamtramck, Michigan.  Some of the vehicles will be exported to other markets.  Initially, GM believes the assembly plant will be able to keep up with demand, but when demand overwhelms the Hamtramck facility, production will shift to additional plants around the world.

Many countries around the world, including China, offer large incentives to buyers of EVs and expect high demand for vehicles like the Volt in the near future.  China predicts 60,000 alternative fuel vehicles will hit their roads by 2012, currently they have virtually none on the roads today.

The facility in China could begin producing Volts as early as 2011 and sales could begin by later that year.

We will update you with any additional info about Volts being built around the world.

Source:  AutoBeat Asia via Detroit Free Press Print Edition