Mack TerraPro

Mack TerraPro

The New York Department of Sanitation has taken delivery of two prototype diesel electric hybrid trucks from two of the biggest names in the industry.

Mack and Kenworth each delivered a diesel hybrid truck to the New York service for extended evaluation in real world conditions.

Mack delivered the TerraPro refuse truck, which is the first diesel electric hybrid to meet the more stringent EPA requirements for 2010 in the Class 8 heavy duty truck category.  The vehicle is powered by a 325 hp Mack MP8 Diesel engine and uses a lithium-ion battery pack to capture energy from braking.  The system combines for an increase in fuel economy of 30%.

Kenworth delivered is T370 truck with a stakebed kit.  The diesel engine in this truck is rated at 240 hp and is combined with a hybrid power train produced by Eaton Corp.  This vehicle will be used to pickup supplies for the departments and the city of New York plans to add three more to its fleet by the end of the year.

The stop and go driving endured by most of these fleet vehicles is ideal for hybrids.  It allows them to capture a significant amount of energy during braking and return strong fuel efficiency numbers.  Furthermore, many fleet vehicles are notoriously dirty vehicles and slowly cleaning up their emissions may have a significant impact on the environment.

Source:  Wards Auto  (Login required)