According the Roger Penske, electric vehicles may be the first new vehicle built through the Penske-Saturn company.

When the deal is finalized, Saturn will turn their attention to a new emphasis on fuel efficiency and a low price.  According to Penske, "EVs will be right at the forefront and might be the first produced" by the Penske-Saturn company.

The Penske Automotive Group has agreed to acquire Saturn from GM pending some legal work; the deal should go through and be finalized soon.

Currently, Penske has the sole distrubtion rights to Daimler's Smart car including the SmartForTwo and the upcoming SmartForTwo EV.  He has stated that Saturn dealers will remain independent of Smart dealers.  The two will not sell each others cars on their lots.

Saturn has the support of 3.5 million customers and Penske hopes for annual sales of 200,000 units.  The Saturn EV could help them meet those goals.

Source:  Edmunds