Controversial car reviewer Jeremy Clarkson made his hatred of the Honda Insight widely known. His review of this car for the Times Online is to say the least negative. At one point, he states that the only newsworthy bit about this car is his hatred towards it. Describing the Insight as "biblically terrible", Clarkson went on to state that the Insight is, "Possibly the worst new car money can buy."

Reviewing a vehicle is subjective to what the writer/driver is looking for in a car. Sporty handling, quick acceleration, responsive steering are all traits that are desirable for those interested in driving a vehicle quickly, but for those economically or environmentally minded, perhaps less so.

Clarkson fails to realize that his driving style is not for everyone. What makes a car great to him would make it unacceptable to countless others. Clarkson does not dismiss the idea of needing an alternative energy source for vehicles, but he feels the focus should be on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles rather than hybrids and electrics.

I'll let his words speak for himself and you can make your decision regarding his review. As Clarkson said, "It's the first car I've ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn't have to drive it anymore."

A brief bio of Jeremy Clarkson is provided below directly from the Times Online. Jeremy Clarkson's career as car reviewer and BBC Top Gear presenter has made motoring into show business, but he has earned himself the description of an "equal opportunities loudmouth" for his opinionated commentary on all aspects of life.

Source: Times Online