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The Think City is a 2-seat electric vehicle that the company hopes to build in the US and begin production of next year. The car was driven by Autoblog who provides a short but real-world driving experience.

Standard and Economy are the two driving mode options, with the latter increasing regenerative braking and reducing acceleration to conserve energy.

The car has a 112 mile driving range and a top speed of A/C. No air conditioning was noted by the test driver. Happily the experience was described as "easy, quite, and fun." It was also noted there was no trouble keeping up with traffic and that room and visibility were ample.

An economy indicator on the dash notified the driver about appropriate energy draw, and a limp-home function kicked in if one reached the 6 to 7 mile level left in the battery.

The driver only had 10 minutes with the car so there isn't much else to report, expect the price: $20,000 plus $90 per month for a battery lease.

Bottom line: minimal car minimal practicality not so minimal price, but most importantly no gas. There will be some sacrifices for early adopters of the electric car for sure until they are able to catch up to the amenities gasoline vehicles offer.