rinspeed ichange

rinspeed ichange

Swiss carmaker Rinspeed has announced that it plans to unveil a new and unique all-electric car it is calling the iChange at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

They state it is more than a "clever concept car" and rather symbolizes the dramatic change towards electrification the entire auto industry is undergoing.

It is a one-seat sports car that can transform into "a comfortable car with ample room for three." It is a highly aerodynamic efficient teardrop shape with a 150 kw electric motor capable of propelling it from 0 to 60 in slightly over 4 seconds. At the push of a button two seats appear after the rear-end of the car pops open.

Siemens AG is responsible for the engine/generator, electronics and battery connection interface.

It has no doors and a pure wool interior.

Although new pictures are now available, this unusual concept car was first mentioned back in December.

Source (Rinspeed)