Apparently people are nervous about buying used hybrids, or at least Toyota thinks so. The new number one automaker in the world announced its Certified Used Hybrid Program yesterday, which should give used hybrid buyers even more peace of mind than they would already have about driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle. (Smug Prius owners rejoice.)

Toyota Certified Used Hybrids (TCUH) will come with a 3-month, 3,000 mile comprehensive warranty, a seven year, 100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty and the same roadside assistance offered with any other Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. Each TCUH will undergo a 174 point inspection, and 14 of those points will cover hybrid specific components like the hybrid transaxle, control modules and battery.

This is great for those of you whose driving needs can be satisfied with a Camry, Highlander or Prius. I'm still waiting for my hybrid FJ Cruiser (or better yet, my FT-HS).

Source: Toyota