The Aptera is a unique 3 wheeled vehicle that will come in either an all-electric called the 2e or a hybrid version getting 300 mpg called the 2h. Both use a lithium-ion battery pack, but the hybrid version also contains a gas generator which allows for a 600 mile range. Aptera is expecting the 2e to be priced in the 20K range, and the 2h in the 40K range

The startup company has already built working prototypes and has long planned to reach production by the end of this year. We are still waiting to see if that will come true.

The company recently announced that it was undertaking a major change though in its engineering of the vehicles, moving from a rear-wheel to front-wheel drive configuration.

Per Aptera, the reasons for the switch are:

  1. Better weight distribution, which, in turn, maximizes stability

  2. Improved traction during acceleration and in inclement weather wet conditions

  3. More efficiency at higher speeds

  4. Increased durability during the life of the vehicle

  5. Improved noise insulation

  6. Increased rear cargo space (without sacrificing front legroom)

Source (Aptera) via (AutoBlogGreen)