Track Cars

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3

    Tesla confirmed last Thursday that Track Mode has started rolling out for the Model 3 Performance, in an update for vehicles that have already received Version 9 of the automaker’s vehicle software. The company emphasized that Track Mode is intended specifically for closed circuits. It’s primarily a series of updates to the vehicle dynamics controller—to allow more ‘steering’ of the vehicle using the front and rear motors. It also includes stronger cooling for the vehicle’s power systems and higher regenerative braking levels. While stability control...

  • e-Wolf Alpha 1 SRF
    e-Wolf Alpha 1 SRF Electric Track Car Makes Debut

    While the major automakers whittle away on their electric car developments, a small German firm by the name of e-Wolf has been building and selling a range of electric vehicles including small scooters, full-size commercial vehicles and high-performance track cars, for several years now...

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