• Tesla Model 3 design prototype  -  reveal event  -  March 2016

    A few years ago, a huge amount of media criticism poured down on the new category of electric cars, often on the basis of outright misinformation or—more charitably—confusion. Then, the General Motors bankruptcy was still fresh in memory, electric cars were failing to meet ambitious sales targets, and the Tesla Model S was still a promise rather than a reality. My, what a difference a few years makes. DON'T MISS: Six Tesla Model 3 challenges Elon Musk has to overcome Tesla has now made something north of 140,000 vehicles, and it got 350,000-plus people to loan it $1,000 apiece...

  • Polar Charging Post and Nissan Leaf
    Are Electric Cars A Sales Failure, Or Sold Out Due To Demand?

    You see it all over: the meme that "electric cars are a sales failure." Yet California is experiencing shortages of electric cars, with many dealers saying they've entirely sold out of plug-in electric cars. Some Nissan dealers in Portland, Oregon, even say the Leaf electric car is now their...

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