• Stanford Ovshinsky.

    Unless you’re deeply into the history of electric and hybrid electric vehicle technology, the chances are you might not recognize the name of Stanford Ovshinsky. But if you’ve ever driven a Toyota Prius Hybrid, or any number of all-electric cars with nickel-metal hydride battery packs, you’ll have used the revolutionary battery technology that he developed. As reported by The New York Times, Ovshinsky died on Wednesday night at his home in the suburbs of Detroit from complications associated with pancreatic cancer. He was 89 years old. Unlike many of his peers, Ovshinsky...

  • 1980 Comuta-Car. Photo by Chad Conway
    RIP Bob Beaumont: Creator Of 1970s CitiCar Electric Dies

    Ask most people how long electric cars have been driving on the roads of the U.S. and they might give you an answer of a few years. If they’ve seen Chris Paine’s 2006 film Who Killed The Electric Car, or knows someone in the know, they may give you the real answer: about as long as...

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