Mugen Euro Honda CR-Z

  • Honda CR-Z iCF by Mugen Euro

    Honda's aim with its CR-Z hybrid sports coupe was to inject a bit of much-needed excitement into a market that viewed traditional hybrids as a bit dull, a bit vanilla. Unfortunately for some, the CR-Z was neither a tire-burning machine nor a particularly parsimonious runabout. Maybe vanilla was the best hybrid fans could hope for. Step forward Honda tuner Mugen Euro, who added a bit of wasabi to the CR-Z with the Mugen RR Concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011. The tuner has now announced production of the Mugen CR-Z iCF following a positive response from the public. With the addition...

  • Gazoo Racing Lexus CT 200h race car
    Hybrid Hot Rods: Lexus CT 200h 'Ring Racer, Mugen Honda CR-Z Hardly Dull

    Hybrid cars, often defined in the public eye by the distinctive shape of the Toyota Prius, are frequently derided as dull and no fun to drive. While the Tesla Roadster smashed the stereotype of plug-in electric cars as slow and dorky, hybrids haven't been as lucky. So here are a couple of hybrid...

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