• 2018 Toyota Prius

    Maine has become the latest in a growing string of states to propose adding registration fees for hybrid and electric cars to make up for tax revenue on the gasoline they don't use, or use less of. But it's also part of a much smaller group of those states in which the fees are punitive: drivers of those cars pay more than the gas taxes paid by drivers of average new gasoline-powered vehicles. A bill introduced into the Maine legislature (L.D. 1806) would let the state Department of Transportation impose fees of $150 on hybrid-electric cars and $250 on battery-electric vehicles. DON'T MISS...

  • 1958 Plymouth Fury used in filming the movie 'Christine', photo via Wikimedia Commons
    The Father Of 'Christine' Likes His Chevy Volt Electric Car

    Who knew? Stephen King, creator of perhaps the most malevolent car ever envisioned--Christine, the homicidal 1958 Plymouth Fury of both novel and movie fame--is an electric car fan. In particular, he loves the family's 2011 Chevrolet Volt, the range-extended electric vehicle that plugs in to...

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