• 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid - production model

    We're not entirely sure what it has to do with Earth Day, to be honest, but here's an odd little statistic. Turns out that buyers of green cars--whether they're hybrids or plug-in electric cars--are somewhat more likely to pay cash for their cars than are buyers of all vehicles on average. DON'T MISS: Who Buys Plug-In Electric Cars, And Why? CA Report Explains It All For You The news comes via an Earth Day release from Experian Automotive, which found that last year, 18 percent of green-car buyers paid cash--versus just 15.2 percent of buyers in the whole market. Experian's senior director of...

  • 2014 Nissan Leaf electric car on the roads of Thimphu, Bhutan
    Electric-Car Buyers Vs Hybrid Buyers: Younger, Wealthier, And More Options

    If you were to make assumptions about hybrid and electric vehicle owners--and we're sure many do, for good or bad--how do you see them? Perhaps technology-savvy, of reasonable income and a little older and wiser. Generally though, you'd expect electric and hybrid vehicle buyers to be fairly...

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