Epic parking fail

  • Local Cop Misuses Orlando Electric Car Charging Station

    Many town and city councils across the U.S. are introducing legislation to enable electric car owners to park for free as a way of encouraging more people to make the switch from gasoline to plug-in cars. Normally, these free parking spaces include access to a suitable level 2 charging station, enabling electric car owners to recharge their cars while they park, but just like spaces supposedly reserved for handicapped drivers, more and more electric car parking spaces are being taken up by drivers of regular gasoline cars. Now WESH, a local television station in Florida has captured images of...

  • Hybrid parking spot, by Flickr user rscottjones
    Attention, Shoppers: Infiniti QX56s, Diesels Are NOT Hybrids

    It will come as a horrible shock to the driver of the pale green Infiniti QX56, but the 2-ton-plus full-size sport utility vehicle is not actually a hybrid. Nor, for that matter, is a Volkswagen Passat TDI--though it at least has a diesel engine, which gives higher gas mileage than the QX56's...

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