• 2012 Toyota Prius Plus Battery

    Hybrid and electric cars live and die by the performance of their battery packs, so battery development is an ongoing process to improve these vehicles. Eaton Corporation has announced it is currently working on a cost-effective power control system for hybrid vehicle batteries, designed to reduce the size of the battery, without losing battery life or performance. According to HybridCars, the project is the work of a $2.8 million joint Eaton and DoE fund, with the aim of reducing battery size by 50 percent, and increasing its charge rate to improve efficiency. The upshot of the technology...

  • Eaton technologies test day, Marshall, Michigan, Sept 2010
    Job Training For Returning Vets: Installing Electric-Car Chargers

    Industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, whose automotive business makes superchargers and many other parts, also supplies electric-car charging stations. Under a recent Federal contract, Eaton will provide those charging stations to various Federal locations--and the company is also working to...

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