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  • HC-CV Camry Hybrid Concept

    As the Melbourne Auto Show draws to a close today, several premiers are still news worthy.  Toyota premiered the Toyota Camry Hybrid Concept called the HC-CV.  This concept closely hints at what the production version will look like when Toyota starts production early next year. The Toyota Camry Hybrid HC-CV concept was designed at Toyota Motor Corp. Australia Ltd.  After designing the concept car in house, the Australian branch of Toyota will be awarded the right to make the production version of the Camry Hybrid slated for production one year from now. According to Toyota, this concept...

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    Indy Cops Buy Camry Hybrids - Chevy Dealer Complains

    Detectives in Indianapolis will soon be driving Toyota Camry Hybrids to crime scenes. The city has already purchased 85 of the hybrid vehicles and expects to buy more. Indianapolis Mayor, Greg Ballard, cited fuel economy and reducing pollution as the primary motives for choosing hybrids. The cars...

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    Hyundai Green Effort = Blue Drive

    Hyundai Sonata Remember that South Korean automaker with a reputation for producing the cheapest econoboxes ever? These were the people who brought us the deplorable "Excel" in the early 90s . That was Hyundai then. This is Hyundai now. This is the company that channeled the Lexus RX with the...

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