BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Concept

  • 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

    Exit one BMW hybrid, enter another. Next March will see the U.S. launch of the 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5, the second hybrid sedan in the Germany luxury-car maker's lineup. And the ActiveHybrid 5 marks an important evolution: It's the first BMW that uses the single-motor hybrid system jointly developed with Daimler to offer full-hybrid capability, namely the ability to run solely on electric power (up to 37 mph, BMW says). The company also says the system can run electrically for as much as 2.5 miles, and we give them credit for noting that the distance assumes an average speed of just 22 mph...

  • BMW ActiveHybrid
    BMW Front-Wheel-Drive Hybrids Coming In 2014 From New Partnership

    It's not just Toyota that sells multiple models of hybrid cars now. German luxury brands are getting in on the act too. BMW announced today that it was forming a joint venture with France's Peugeot-Citroen to design and build hybrid-electric powertrains. The new enterprise is an expansion of the...

  • BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Concept
    BMW Hybrid 5-Series On Sale in 2011, Hybrid 3-Series To Follow

    BMW's chief executive officer, Norbert Reithofer, has confirmed that the company's ActiveHybrid 5 sedan will go on sale as early as next year. Reithofer told shareholders yesterday at BMW's annual meeting that the car it showed at the Geneva Motor Show in March as the BMW Concept 5-Series...

  • 2011 Lexus CT 200h
    2010 Geneva Motor Show: New Green Production Cars

    No, sadly, we're not at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, underway this week in Switzerland. But we've been keeping close tabs on the introductions via our colleagues throughout the High Gear Media network. Here's our list of the green cars shown at Geneva that are headed for production. Most of them...

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