Audi A3

  • 2011 Lexus CT 200h teaser

    Much has been written about U.S. car buyers' aversion to hatchbacks, with many citing the relative sales of the Volkswagen Jetta four-door sedan over its five-door Golf counterpart. It appears Lexus has taken that attitude to heart. At next month's Geneva Motor Show, it will launch a new, dedicated hybrid hatchback, the 2011 CT 200h, onto the European market. Compact hatch, but not for Yanks The compact hatchback will compete with the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series (which in Europe is sold mostly as three- and five-door models, rather than the sedans available to U.S. buyers). The CT's hybrid...

  • 2011 Audi A1 and Justin Timberlake on LA photo shoot
    Audi's Green Onslaught: A3 Sedan, A8 Hybrid, e-Tron Tesla-Fighter

    It's going to take Audi a long time to live down its U.S. chief's infamous quote that anyone who buys a Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle is an "idiot." But after sticking to diesel for a long time as its sole green strategy, Audi is now storming ahead into smaller, hybrid, and...

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