2012 Zero S

  • 2012 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

    Shortly after we took to the roads of Scotts Valley, California to test-ride the 2011 Zero DS and 2011 Zero S the Californian all-electric motorcycle maker announced its all-new 2012 range. With all-new motors, battery pack and control circuitry, the 2012 Zero DS and 2012 Zero S motorcycles appeared far superior on paper than their predecessors, but how do they ride in the real world? Over the weekend, we spent a scant 10 minutes on each motorcycle to find out. 2012 Zero S Following the same street-fighter stylistic cues as the 2011 Zero S, the 2012 Zero S we rode was fitted with the optional...

  • 2012 Zero electric motorcycle range
    Zero Announces Faster, Longer-Range Electric Motorcycles For 2012

    Californian electric motorcycle firm Zero Motorcycles has just announced its 2012 range of all-electric motorcycles at the 2012 International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Faster, more powerful, and with options available to give over 100 miles of range per charge, the 2012 Zero S, 2012...

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