2009 Mini Coupe Concept

  • 2009 MINI Coupe and Roadster Concepts

    MINI is always up for something new, especially when it comes to adding more people to the MINI community. Back in 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show we saw a coupe and roaster version of the popular MINI Cooper unveiled. At the time there was no confirmation as to whether this shortened Coopers would go into production. Then, later that year MINI seemed to confirm the coming of these to mini MINIs when they announced two more models would be built at the Oxford plant. So it has been over a year and no a lot of news has surfaced—that is until recently. Car and Driver recently ran a post on...

  • 2009 Mini Coupe Concept
    Mini Coupe Concept Celebrates 50 Years of Minis, Targets Audi TT

    On Wednesday, August 26, 1959, a new type of small car was unveiled in Austin and Morris dealerships across Britain. Many buyers didn't know quite what to make of the Morris Mini-Minor and Austin 7even (yep, that's what they called it--for a very short while). It had seats for four, it was just 10...

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