Mini confirms its Countryman EV is U.S.-bound. Volvo closes the door on diesels. Tesla reaches 5M. And how worried about your EV battery should you be in hot weather? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.


Hot weather can degrade EV batteries, much more than cold weather, underscores the battery-health firm Recurrent in a new data-informed analysis. As Green Car Reports has cautioned in the past, stay away from those hot parking lots, and don’t be too fazed by the range loss you see in the winter. 

The Mini Countryman Electric is coming to the U.S. in fall 2024, Mini confirmed Monday. This will be the first time the crossover will be sold in America in electric form, although it’s unclear if the E and SE versions and their multiple ranges shown at this model’s debut a few weeks ago will arrive Stateside. 

Volvo has announced that it’s done making diesel vehicles—including in Europe where, until recently, diesels outsold plug-in vehicles. Meanwhile, many other European brands plan to sell diesels for a decade or more, as they align with a future around EVs. 

And Tesla has made 5 million EVs globally. That’s the most EVs of any automaker in the world, and the growth has been, as Elon Musk has claimed, exponential. Now with so many charging agreements centered around the Supercharger network, will a version of the same happen to the American charging landscape?


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