Imagine, for a second, you're doing some dodgy criminal dealings, and the cops are onto your hideout location.

You still have time though--you've heard no sirens, no vehicle pulling up outside the warehouse.

And that would be your final mistake--just because you've not heard anything, doesn't mean it's not there...

That's the premise behind the 100 percent electric Zero police motorcycle, based on Zero's DS 'Dual Sport' bike. The element of stealth and surprise--not to mention all the usual motorcycle benefits of cutting through traffic and high maneuverability.

You can now enjoy those same virtues, says Wired, with the launch of the Zero S.

It's designed for law enforcement, with crash bars, lights, a siren and a shotgun rack, with optional hard cases, a detachable screen and a quick-charge kit.

But we bet if you asked nicely, Zero would sell you one too.

It'll do 70 to 112 miles on a charge, which naturally depends on how many bad guys you're chasing. Top speed is 95 mph. A typical charge from a Level 2 station will take around 3 hours.

And, says Officer David Ball of the Scotts Valley, California, "you can sneak up on people". Who doesn't want to do that?

If there's a good reason for not fitting electric vehicles with sound generators, that's gotta be up there...


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