Amsterdam in the Netherlands is known for many things--canals, beautiful architecture, and a relaxed attitude to drugs and carnal pleasures.

It's also, as it happens, an excellent city to explore on two wheels. Not only are there few hills to contend with, but Amsterdam is very much geared towards cyclists, as far as getting around is concerned.

Now, there's another option--on the back of a Hopper.

You might not understand much of the video above (discovered via Treehugger), but it's easy to get the idea--the Hopper is a taxi service, and it uses electric scooters.

In busy European cities like Amsterdam, it could prove one of the quickest ways of getting around--and one of the cleanest, unless you prefer to pedal yourself.

Interested parties can flag down a hopper on the street, order via a phone number, book via the Hopper website, or download an App, available soon.

It's also incredibly cheap--there's a flat rate of 2.50 Euros per ride, or only $3.22 at current exchange rates.

A Hopper certainly seems like a safer way of getting around than using the Beer Bike, though we expect Hopper has some regulations on how inebriated passengers can be...


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