Can you think of a desirable hybrid?

We can think of a few, particularly when it comes to some of the hybrid luxury sedans on the market, such as the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid or Lexus GS 450h, and there are a few on the horizon too, like the Acura NSX plug-in hybrid supercar.

But when questioned in a survey by (via The Sacramento Bee), many respondents didn't even bother answering the "favorite hybrid" section.

For many, it seems, diesel is the preferred choice for going green, with the extra performance it offers, and the familiarity of driving a regular vehicle rather than one that switches between gas and electric.

Of course, the results have to be viewed in context.

The survey took in thoughts from only a limited number of participants from one website. While it may be representative of some customers, it can't really be considered representative of everyone--and given that there are desirable hybrids on the market, it also suggests that some customers may not yet be educated on the choice of hybrid vehicles available.

For us though, it raises another question: Does a hybrid need to be desirable?

Few would consider the Prius a particularly desirable product, but that hasn't stopped Toyota selling millions of them. And at the bottom end of the market, where value, reliability and efficiency are most important, a car that simply does its job is enough for many people.

As you start to pay more for your car, you might then wish for a little more cachet--which is where cars like the premium-branded Lexus CT 200h come in, or the high-tech Chevrolet Volt. Spend a little more than that, and badge is most important--something Porsche clearly understands, as its Panamera and Cayenne hybrids are definitely Porsches first, hybrids second.

For others, a car that allows them to spend as little money on gas as possible, and chuck out low emissions, is all the desirability they need...


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