Incentives are nothing new in the world of car buying. Discounts here, extended warranties there--we've all made use of them at some stage.

When you're targeting a car exclusively at younger buyers, as Scion does, sometimes the incentives need to be a little more inventive. That's why it's giving away a free Sony PlayStation Vita portable entertainment system with every 2012 Scion iQ ordered from now until July 31.

The promise of a free games console should draw a few more buyers into the $15,265 iQ, which manages 36 mpg city, 37 highway and 37 combined from its 1.3-liter four-cylinder.

"Similar to the PS Vita, the Scion iQ comes loaded with premium technological features, has a focus on functionality, is concentrated into a suitably small package and most importantly is tons of fun," explained Jack Hollis, Scion Vice President.

Drivers will even get to enjoy the iQ when they aren't in the car, with the downloadable game MotorStorm RC featuring a Scion iQ among its many car choices. Naturally, drivers shouldn't attempt to replicate their racing feats out on the road...

On top of the 37 mpg economy and free games console, the Scion also fits four seats into its smart fortwo-like footprint and 11 airbags.

The PlayStation Vita promotion will continue while stocks last.


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