Most car companies really suck at Twitter. There, we said it.

For every company using it as a glorified advertising platform there's another trying to get 'interactive' in a way that's so hideously over-friendly they're like the attention-seeking kid at school.

Some, however, get it right. Smart of Argentina is one of those, sticking by the mantra "Keep It Simple, Stupid" with its Twitter feed (via TheNextWeb).

There's no cheesy hashtag here, no endless retweeting of sycophantic fan comments nor any questions asking what you'll be doing with your "insert vehicle name here" this weekend.

Instead, there's a lot of 'ASCII art' - art made from computer characters, in other words. Geeky for sure, but scroll down the page by using the 'J' key and you're treated to a flick-book style cartoon of a smart driving along a city road.

It's short, simple and brilliant. It's also fun, raises a smile and gives you an insight into what the whole ethos of Smart is about, without filling your Twitter timeline with drivel.

Kudos to Smart of Argentina! And to other automakers on Twitter: More of this, please.

(Hat-tip to @alergy on Twitter for the link)


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