Interested in a future working with electric cars? A new degree course at the University of Colorado could be right up your (electric) avenue.

With the help of a five-year, $954,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, the University will be running a master's level course in electric car drivetrain technology.

Earthtechling reports that the course will run by the Boulder and Colorado Springs faculty with both online courses and traditional classes.

The course shouldn't only be beneficial to young, up-and-coming engineers either. It should also help provide extra training for the thousands of engineers who lost jobs in the economic problems of the past few years, which caused many carmakers to lay off staff.

The course will cover several key disciplines, including battery dynamics and controls, power electronics and alternating current drives. Regular master's electrical engineering students will also be able to take specialized units in the automotive disciplines.

The university expects to be able to open the course up from fall 2012.


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