Everyone likes a good competition right? Honda seems to agree with the release of a new web-based songwriting competition. The subject matter—the 2012 Honda Civic family of cars. The prize—a 2012 Honda Civic valued between $15K and $27K and the bragging rights and tour appearances. Since the competition isn’t that old there are only a handful of entries that are being promoted on the dedicated contest Facebook page, but we have a feeling this might explode reality singing competition style.

If you are wondering what the goal of this competition is, besides driving hype for the 2012 Honda Civic, just hold on to your parking brake. Honda says that the competition is meant to inspire artists to create what the company would see as “appropriate theme songs for the 2012 Civic.” Already chomping at the bit to vote on these would be star commercials? Don’t worry, the voting actually starts June 8th and will run until July 17. If you are frantically looking for the submission deadline because you have the song that will rock the tires of the folks over at Honda, you have until June 5th to submit your entry.

Like most competitions there will be eliminations and in this case the top eight songs or songs that receive the most votes will win $2,500 in music gear from Sam Ash Music Stores. Of course, that isn’t as cool as the 2012 Honda Civic Grand Prize, but it is still pretty cool.  This could very well spark a whole new method of advertising in today’s reality TV generation.


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