Electronic driving coaches designed to promote more fuel efficient driving are nothing new and have been appearing in production cars for the past several years, mostly in hybrids but regular models too.  

Some memorable driving coaches include Nissan’s Eco-Pedal, which works by activating a counter ‘push-back’ force on the accelerator pedal every time the driver puts his or her foot down in order to condition them to drive more conservatively.

Then there’s Ford’s SmartGauge cluster with EcoGuide found in cars like the Fusion and MKZ hybrid duo, which displays a growing number of leaves or flowers to denote just how ‘green’ your driving actually is--the more being the better (or greener).

Lexus Harmonious Driving Navigator

Lexus Harmonious Driving Navigator

Lexus has now taken the concept to a whole new level, in Japan at least. In its home market, the automaker currently sells its HS 250h and new CT 200h hybrid vehicles with what it calls the Harmonious Driving Navigator.

The electronic system essentially monitors a person’s driving and compares it with an online database of records of other Lexus drivers to determine who is the greenest. This enables drivers of cars equipped with the Harmonious Driving Navigator to track their fuel economy online, earn points and then compare their scores against other drivers.

What makes the concept all the more interesting is that the points can be used to fund different charitable initiatives from the Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.

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