Okay, okay…we have been talking a lot about the 2012 Ford Focus today and hopefully you have been able to check out the articles that interest you most. We have covered our First Drive experience, MyFord versus MyFord Touch, Hatch versus Sedan, Torque Vectoring Control and now Active Park Assist. Ford has pulled out all the stops with the 2012 Ford Focus and what package would be complete without an available self-park feature? Well, on the SEL model you can have it—just keep in mind that the SEL starts in the sedan at a MSRP of  $20,270 and you will have to ad a G to that for the hatchback.

The questions all spring to mind at once, don’t they? If this is a compact, entry-level car then is this self-park feature any good or a lame version of something Lexus pulls off with style? We can assure you this feature is no lame duck—in fact it is pretty much the same as what you will find on the Ford Taurus. You might notice that all of this technology comes out on the highline cars and trickles down. It is called R&D cost recovery and in this case Ford is accelerating the plan in hopes that consumers will not only appreciate the high tech features available on a wide variety of cars, but will choose Ford over the competition—all without having to try another buy American campaign. Think of it as winning on merit, not guilt.

So how does the system work? By the push of a button and presto change-o you are in a parking spot. Well, something like that anyway. The system is pretty user friendly and uses sonic waves to determine if there is a gap available for parking. Once it determines there is a space, it prompts you to pull forward, will tell you to place the car in reverse and pretty much do the rest for you. Caveat here: you do still have to apply the brakes when it warns you that you are close to the car behind and in front of you. And no, Ford isn’t accepting insurance claims for your Focus backing into another car while parking itself. That said, it is a nifty system and is sure to entertain your guest and friends every time.

Bottom line—this is just one of some 13 listed class-exclusive features for the c-segment Ford Focus. Another one you might like if you like the Active Park Assist is the Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors. You never can be to careful.

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[Source: Ford