Quantum, the engineering arm of Fisker Automotive, has come up with a military vehicle it has dubbed the Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CREV) Diesel/Electric Hybrid.

Like a smaller, more efficient Hummer, the CREV is said to be able to cover long distances very quietly, the better to sneak up on our nation's foes.

Capable of sustained 80 mph speeds, able to climb a 60% grade and with fuel consumption 25% below similar rough-terrain vehicles, the CREV is no doubt a very attractive package to the U.S. Military, who are currently evaluating prototypes at Michigan's TARDEC center.

In addition to it's impressive efficiency credentials, the CREV sports a special  weapons ring intended to aid a gunner in directing fire as the vehicle bumps over rough terrain.

It's not entirely clear whether the pictured prototype is essentially complete, or whether further bodywork or armor is envisioned for the final version.