When the historic first TTXGP electric motorcycle race took place this year at the storied Isle of Man TT road course, response was so overwhelming that the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) agreed to create an FIM World Championship Series for electric bikes in 2010 – the first time in history that an official global motorsport body had sanctioned a zero emissions motorsport event.

Now Mavizen, the technology, advisory and consulting arm to both the TTXGP and this new eGrandPrix series, has announced that it will unveil a factory production electric superbike at the SEMA show in Las Vegas on Tuesday November 3.  According to series founder Azhar Hussain, the new Mavizen TTX02 is designed to deliver racing performance in a versatile package that will serve as a development platform for would-be competitors in the e-GP.  The bike will become available in the first quarter of 2010 with an initial run of 50 units.  It will ship with two Agni motors and is built around a swappable drivetrain architecture.

Although intended primarily for serious racing teams, sales of the TTX02 will be unrestricted,  making it available as a stand-alone sportbike to the general public.  Or at least as much of the public as can afford $30-40,000.00 for a machine not legal for the street without extensive modification.

TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain is working to create a five-race global series for 2010,  with national feeder events featuring rounds in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  The structure will include a four-round U.K. National series and three-round American National series.

Factory teams such as Brammo and Mission Motors will now be campaigning their in-house designs not just against each other, but against victory-hungry privateers with access to proven, top-flight equipment (the TTXo2 will include motors and electronics sourced from current TTXGP champion Team Agni of Agni motors).  By providing a competitive, basic bike, ready for modification and development, the organizers hope to "stir the pot" of electric racing development by encouraging wider participation.

[SOURCE: Gizmag]