This year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit will feature dozens of new eco-friendly vehicles, and a recently-announced nature-themed 70,000 square-foot exhibit on which to test-drive the greenest of the green: the zero-emission vehicles.

This ride-and-drive track, sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, is called the EcoXperience, and boasts a 700-foot track, two ponds, and 100 trees native to Michigan. Each automaker participating in this year's show has been invited to feature their zero-emission vehicles in this exhibit, providing journalists a unique opportunity to test-drive the most cutting-edge technology this upcoming weekend. EcoXperience will also be available to the public from January 17 through 25, though Joe Public will not be able to drive the vehicles himself: the test vehicles will be chauffeur-driven at top speeds up to 10 MPH.

Source and photo: NAIAS