GYM Concept Car

What if you could combine your evening commute with your evening workout? You'd save a lot of time, gas and money skipping the trip to Life Time Fitness. This might become reality if Coventry University design student, Da Feng, gets his way.

Feng has designed the GYM Concept Car. The GYM carries a single passenger and has a chassis made of injection-molded magnesium alloy. Exercise machines are built-in. The power comes from an electric motor that can be charged by standard electric socket or the driver's bench press exercise. Yes, any energy generated by the human working out in the cockpit is harnessed and used to power the car.

Besides the bench press, the driver can choose a stepping machine, rowing, a pull-up simulator and arm weights. All of this is possible while cruising in a vehicle that was designed to resemble a World War II fighter plane.

Why do I feel compelled to put my retirement fund into Da Feng's hands?

Source: Diseno-art