Shrek is going green(er). Universal Studios announced today that they will replace their fleet of 300 gas powered golf carts with solar-electric hybrid models. Sarasota, Florida based Cruise Car, Inc. will supply the hybrids, which will have range of 50 miles on a full charge.

The vehicles will use rechargeable, low cost, lead acid batteries in combination with solar panels incorporated into the roof of each cart. On a sunny day, the solar panels alone can provide enough energy to drive seven miles. The batteries can be charged in a few hours using a 110-volt outlet.

Cruise Car, Inc. makes an array of solar-electric vehicles from traditional golf cart styles to utility models with trailers and lifts. At a cost of $8,000 a piece, replacing the gas powered carts will cost $2,400,000, but it's a price Universal Studios is willing to pay. "Green is all about doing the right thing," Larry Kurzwell, president and CEO of Universal Studio Hollywood, said in a statement. "This is the right thing to do."

Retirement communities across the nation should be taking notes.

Source: Green Car Advisor, Cruise Car, Inc., Shrek: Online Seats