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2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

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Fisker financials, failures, fires and furloughs

There's no hiding that Fisker has had one or two problems. It started with problems acquiring DoE loans, continued when Fisker got sued, and has taken a nasty turn with inquries over a fire involving one of the cars. Those issues have sadly continued over the last year or so, with poor reviews from Consumer Reports, and the destruction of several Karmas in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Worse still, Fisker appears to be on its last legs. With production stalled following battery supplier A123's bankruptcy, Henrik Fisker's departure from the company bearing his name and the redundancies of most of the workforce, the Fisker Karma might not be long for this world.

You can see further detailed reports in The Car Connection's 'Fisker, An Influential Disaster' and Motor Authority's 'Fisker Automotive: The Final Flameout'.



Furloughs, failures, finality?

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  1. Why would anyone buy a Karma when they could buy a Tesla that would save you so much more and most likely cheaper than $100,000? Now I could not afford either car and that is why I bought a C-Max Energi. On a recent trip of 471 miles that took me over the Coast Range in Oregon and back I got 54 mpg! And that was probably 75% on the gas engine at 60 mph along I-84 and probably an average mph of 50 on Oregon route 6.

  2. For a science teacher in Washington state, it is a sad day that he doesn't understand the difference between MPG and MPGe...

    No wonder our kids are failing in the world of science.

  3. "75% on the gas engine"

    So your extended range MPG is really only 54*0.75 = 40.5mpg. BARELY matches EPA rating and below EPA's hwy rating!!!!

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